About the CAAMI - HZIV


The CAAMI – HZIV (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) is a Belgian public institution of social security.

In this context, the CAAMI – HZIV carries out various tasks of general interest: 

Missions within the framework of compulsory sickness and disability insurance

The CAAMI – HZIV  insures all services within the framework of compulsory insurance for medical care and benefits, similar to health insurance funds (Mutualités – Ziekenfondsen), but under a public status: 

  • reimbursement of costs for medical care;
  • compensation for loss of wages (due to parenthood, illness, or disability).

The public status of the CAAMI – HZIV  implies that it:

  • welcomes everyone who calls on its services, regardless of the medical, economic, cultural, or philosophical profile;
  • exclusively applies the compulsory insurance system.

The files of the insured who have chosen the CAAMI – HZIV  as their insurance institution (health fund) are processed in our regional offices.

For insurance missions, the CAAMI – HZIV  is subject, among other things, to the control of the Control Service of the Health Insurance Funds (OCM - CDZ) and the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (INAMI - RIZIV).

Missions for former beneficiaries of the Assistance and Welfare Fund for Seafarers

Since January 1, 2018, the CAAMI – HZIV  has officially taken over the tasks of social support and medical care for active beneficiaries of the Belgian merchant navy.

For these beneficiaries, the CAAMI – HZIV  acts as an insurance institution and insures all benefits of compulsory sickness and disability insurance.

These files are processed by a specific department of CAAMI – HZIV -Antwerp. 

Missions for beneficiaries with a national status

Since May 1, 2017, the CAAMI – HZIV  has partially taken over the missions of the National Institute for War Invalids, Veterans, and War Victims (NIOOO).

Recognized victims of terrorist acts are also users of the CAAMI – HZIV  to receive additional assistance under the National Solidarity status.

Their files are processed by the War Victims Directorate, which is part of the Central Administration of the CAAMI – HZIV  in Brussels. 

Other missions

The CAAMI – HZIV  carries out various missions for other institutions or a more limited audience. These missions can be either permanent or limited in time.

For example, this includes the Mediprima project, checking insurability abroad, etc. 

Control and management

As a public institution, the CAAMI – HZIV  is under the direction of a joint Management Committee representing employee and employer organizations.

The Management Committee signs a Management Agreement for 3 years with the supervisory minister.

As a federal institution, the CAAMI – HZIV  is audited by the Belgian authorities.