Temporary residence

Only for people with social security insurance from a country within the European Economic Area or from Switserland!

Preparing your stay in Belgium

Do you have social security insurance in a country within the European Economic Area or in Switzerland, and are you planning to stay in Belgium?  Ask your insurance company for a European health insurance card before you leave.  In this way, any medical care provided to you in Belgium can be refunded.

The European card will give you the same rights as insured Belgian individuals with regard to the refunding of medical services.  A portion of your expenses will normally be reimbursed, i.e. the portion that remains after deduction of the patient's contribution (the portion that is not covered under the Belgian system, and remains payable by the patient).

This card is only valid for essential care resulting from an accident or from a health problem that occurred or arose during your stay.

Exception: If your health condition requires constant care (dialysis, oxygen therapy, etc.), you should check before your departure whether this treatment can be provided locally.  Make sure that you have made an appointment with the specialised care institution in the region where you are staying. In this case, you can use your European card. In the other cases, if you are planning to obtain health care from a Belgian institution, you should obtain form S2 (former E112 form) from your institution in advance.

What should you do if you lose or forget your card?

If you have not applied for the card, if you did not receive it before your departure, or if you have lost it, you can apply to your national insurance institution for a provisional certificate. This certificate is only valid for the duration of your stay.

How will you be reimbursed?

You may apply for reimbursement during your stay, at a local office of the HZIV / CAAMI.  Present your European card to the institution of your choice as well as the "individual registration form for the holder of an European Health Insurance Card" and the original invoices (certificates of care provided).

Remark: The reimbursement of your costs may be lower in Belgium than in your own country (the costs are not fully reimbursed in Belgium).  In this case, ask for a receipt that states exactly how much was reimbursed.  This document may enable you to subsequently request the reimbursement of the difference from your national insurance company.

If you don't use your European card, you are required to pay the full amount of the health services yourself first and to contact your insurance company upon your return to be reimbursed, on presentation of the original invoice and proof of payment.

  • You do not have a social security insurance in a Member State of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, and you are planning to stay in Belgium?  Your country may have concluded an agreement with Belgium.  In this case, ask your Health Insurance Fund - National Social Security Fund to provide you with a document that will ensure your rights with regard to medical care.
  • Your country has not signed an agreement with Belgium for the coverage of its citizens on vacation in Belgium?  If you wish to cover any possible expenses with regard to medical care during your stay, you should take out insurance from a private institution.